Collaboration with Australia21 to hold Roundtable discussion with First Responder groups.

On 4 May 2017 Australia21 and Fearless convened a Roundtable discussion with First Responders from around Australia. The Roundtable held in Canberra was attended by Police, Ambulance, Fire, Emergency Service and Mental Health representatives, medical practitioners and psychologists, first responder industrial associations and a range of support agencies.
‘First responders are at the frontline, putting themselves in harms way to protect the rest of the community – all of us. On the scene of accidents and emergencies and in other dangerous situations, many are exposed to violence, trauma and shock that can trigger PTSD. Both Australia21 and Fearless believe the community owes it to first responders to make sure PTSD prevention, treatment and recovery options are the best we can make them’

The Roundhouse was held under the Chatham House Rule so the day long discussion was open and honest.

Australia21are now drafting a Roundtable report from the transcripts, submissions and recommendations which will be reviewed by participants then released to the public.