Trauma-Related Stress in Australia Book Launch

In early 2016, the chair of Fearless, retired Admiral Chris Barrie approached Australia21 about the possibility of a collaborative exploration of the stress arising from trauma in Australia. A combined Australia/Fearless steering group was formed and they commissioned a collection of invited essays by diverse experts and stakeholders in the problem.

The result was the volume entitled ‘Trauma-related stress in Australia: Essays by leading Australian thinkers and researchers.

Published in September 2016, it contains 27 short essays by leading Australian and US clinicians, researchers, administrators and observers of the stress that often follows exposure to, or involvement in, violence and brutality.
The accounts presented suggest that trauma-related stress is costing industries and the taxpayer many billions of dollars. A more constructive approach to prevention, early intervention and effective treatment and rehabilitation is clearly essential.
The essays set the scene for a national roundtable discussion and a national push towards improved approaches to the issue in early 2017.

The essay collection is available as a free pdf Download …although please consider a donation if you choose this option or hard Copy available for $20 here.