Are you a Fearless Partner?

FearLess are looking to partner with organisations and individuals who want to improve the lives of those living with PTSD by helping them take control of their illness. A FearLess Partner will ideally be looking for a long term collaboration (minimum one year) characterized by active involvement and alignment of organisational values.

What does a FearLess Partner look like?

  • An active contributor – to the conversation and FearLess initiatives
  • Looking for measurable results and outcomes – for their organisation, stakeholders and the wider community
  • Understands the importance of research and education – by gaining access to, or the opportunity to submit research
  • Understanding of the lived experience of PTSD – and how this pervades all aspects of our community and people from all walks of life
  • Wanting to make a difference – in the lives and communities of over 1 million Australians living with PTSD

Partnership Benefits


invest visibly in the future health, education and wellbeing of people living with PTSD


 with our community and stakeholders


collaborate with our board and team on events and stakeholder communication initiatives


be recognised on our digital channels, at events and in our community outreach programs


strengthen your brand through responsible corporate citizenship in alignment with the work of FearLess

Our partnerships are tailored to your organisational objectives and values

We invite you to contact us to start the conversation.

Current Partners