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Previous webinar recordings

Recorded 8 May 2024

A panel conversation that explored how leadership can profoundly influence mental health practices across various sectors, emphasising the need for a shift in language and strategy within leadership roles to better incorporate mental health considerations.

Recorded 26 March 2024

This session brought together experienced panelists to discuss issues raised during the Defence and Veterans Suicide Royal Commission and explored the future pathways for improving veterans’ mental health. Listen to their insights into the recommendations, and understand what these findings mean for veterans and their families.

Recorded 15 February 2024

Hosted by Admiral Chris Barrie AC, Chairman of FearLess, Chris introduced our new CEO, Paul Milne, who outlined our strategic plans and vision for the future.

Recorded 4 October 2023

In this enlightening discussion, Dr. Anastasia Hronis, Clinical Psychologist and Founder of the Australian Institute for Human Wellness, delves deep into the intricate relationship between addiction, mental health, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Hosted by Fearless Board Member, Alex Gerrick, this webinar provided valuable insights into these critical issues.

Recorded 1 May 2023

This was an insightful and informative Zoom webinar on PTSD, a national community priority, with Professor Stephen Robson, President of the Australian Medical Association. During the webinar, Professor Robson shared his personal perspective with Chairman Admiral Chris Barrie AC (Ret’d) and Board Member David Templeman AM.

Recorded 19 April 2023

Hosted by our Chairman, Admiral Chris Barrie (Retd) and Megan Dutton, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Leading Clinician, USC Thompson Institute. They discussed the latest insights on PTSD and present exciting possibilities in this space.

Recorded 12 November 2022

Fearless CEO Alex Gerrick along with our Fearless Ambassadors shared their advice on how you can take better care of yourself, your loved ones and colleagues during the festive season.

Recorded 29 November 2022

In conversation with a stellar line-up of industry professionals providing insight and guidance to first responders (past and present) – Healing from the Past, Career Transition, and Helping You Navigate the Legal Process.

Growth and resilience through trauma with Professor Tracy Smart

Recorded 31st August 2022

On Wednesday 31st August, we were lucky to have Professor Tracy Smart AO, Air Vice-Marshal (ret.) join our CEO Alex Gerrick for a FREE Community Webinar – Growth and resilience through trauma.

Never judge a book by it’s cover the good, bad and the ugly of living with PTSD with Former AFP Commander, Author & Public Speaker and Fearless Ambassador Grant Edwards

Recorded 27th July 2022

Grant will be joined by our CEO Alex Gerrick to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of living with PTSD.

The power of self-forgiveness in healing trauma with award-winning speaker Lis Cashin

Recorded 26th April 2022

Lis sits down in conversation with FearLess CEO Alex Gerrick to chat about the power of self-forgiveness in healing trauma.

Immersive Recovery Programs for people living with PTSD

Recorded 23rd June 2021

Esther’s presentation will explore how evidence based programs assist healing the traumatised brain by combining mindfulness, interoceptive awareness, response verses reaction, relaxation, meditation and healthy lifestyle via nutrition, adequate sleep and movement.

Beyond Trauma with Lisa Westgate and Anneke Weemaes

Recorded 29th October 2020

FearLess/Webinar: Beyond Trauma with Lisa Westgate and Anneke Weemaes, a panel discussion moderated by Alex Gerrick, CEO.

ANIMAL-ASSISTED SERVICES – an effective pathway for treating PTSD

Recorded 12th August 2020

Wendy Coombe Founder, Animal Therapies Ltd and a fantastic panel of industry practitioners discussed:

  • How equine-assisted therapy can help those with PTSD
  • Understanding Animal-Assisted Play Therapy for children with PTSD
  • How assistance animals can help those suffering PTSD better access public life
  • How to incorporate animals into a trauma recovery plan panel discussion.

Immersive Recovery Programs for people living with PTSD

Recorded 28 June 2019

Petrea is qualified as a naturopath, herbalist, clinical hypnotherapist, yoga and meditation teacher and in this one hour free webinar session will explore Moving Beyond Trauma and Living Mindfully with Post Trauma Symptoms. Some of the practices Petrea will introduce on the session can help you to calm your mind and improve your wellbeing. Importantly they can also help sufferers of PTSD and their families and friends find hope in what can be very challenging times.

Resilient People Remarkable Stories with Kerrie Atherton

Recorded 12 June 2020

In the second of our series of Webinars in 2020, we were joined by Kerrie Atherton, Founder of Stories of HOPE Australia and EMPOWER Life Solutions.

Kerrie shared incredible real-life stories from her recently released second book in her “Stories of HOPE Australia” series – Resilient People, Remarkable Stories.

For more info on Kerrie and her story, please visit her Stories of Hope website on https://storiesofhope.com.au/

FearLess: Creating Connections – a new way forward PTSD Australia

Recorded 22 April 2020

In the first of our series of Webinars in 2020, Chris Barrie AC, FearLess Chairman and Alex Gerrick, FearLess CEO discuss how to create connections in an ever changing landscape as well as the plans and priorities forward for FearLess on meeting new needs for those living with PTSD.

Let’s talk P.T.S.D: The lived experience perspective on early intervention and management strategies

Recorded 9 May 2019

Belinda Neil, is a board member of Fearless PTSD Australia New Zealand, a national charity focused on helping those with lived experience of PTSD, and their families. Belinda is a strong advocate of PTSD and in our informative one hour webinar will explore some of her lived experience with PTSD to discuss why she believes early intervention is key, management tools and why she is passionate about the work FearLess do.

Starting a National Conversation on PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Recorded 21 March 2019

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to PTSD. Hear from Chris Barrie, who has led an illustrious career in the Armed Forces and who was responsible for the Australian Defence Force’s foray into Afghanistan. Having witnessed first hand the devastating effects of war on both soldiers and local civilians, Chris is now Chairman of FearLess Outreach, a national charity that works with people living with the consequences of post traumatic stress (often referred to as PTSD).