Date:​ Thursday, 20th May 2021

In 2019 FearLess PTSD Australia and New Zealand held their inaugural National Conversation on PTSD at The Events Centre, Caloundra. This successful, outcome-driven event was generously supported by Sunshine Coast Council and Business Events Sunshine Coast through the Business Events Assistance Program. FearLess had identified regional Australia and, in particular the Sunshine Coast with its world-class neuroscience research facility and large population of veterans, as key locations for the establishment of community-owned and community-run treatment programs.

Through a number of meetings held alongside the conference aimed at connecting directly with the Sunshine Coast health industry and business community, FearLess realised the region offers great potential not only for the establishment of PTSD treatment pilot programs but also as a source of expertise and information to guide future initiatives. FearLess would now like to take this one step further by bringing together members of the Sunshine Coast health industry, community services and first responder groups and local government to discuss how to go about this.

Event objectives:

  • Highlight the impacts of PTSD on sufferers and those who support them.
  • Develop a national strategy to mitigate the devastating impacts of PTSD on the Australian community.
  • Develop a comprehensive community-owned and community operated PTSD management protocol that will help sufferers self-manage their condition.
  • Bring together the disparate groups who operate in this area, creating an opportunity to speak with one voice on the issues surrounding PTSD to government, the health system and the research community.
  • Build a community actively engaged in advocating for PTSD sufferers, their families and where discussion around new research and treatment programs can continue after the conference.
  • Further define the positioning of PTSD objectives within the Australian mental health eco-system.