Join us on Wednesday 8th May for a free community webinar “Nobody Cares How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care” – Leadership in Mental Health & Wellbeing. A panel conversation that will explore how leadership can profoundly influence mental health practices across various sectors, emphasising the need for a shift in language and strategy within leadership roles to better incorporate mental health considerations.

Our distinguished panel includes Grant Edwards, former AFP Commander, mental health advocate and Fearless Ambassador; Esther McKay, Trauma Specialist; and Paul Milne, CEO of Fearless PTSD. All are seasoned professionals passionate about improving mental health support and will discuss:

– Redefining leadership roles to integrate mental health and wellbeing strategies effectively.
– The importance of self-care among leaders to foster a supportive environment for their teams.
– Strategies for embedding mental health considerations into organisational DNA, starting from recruitment.
– The generational shift in attitudes towards mental health and the critical need for early intervention.
– The essential role of family support and how leaders can engage in more holistic approaches to wellbeing.
– The economic barriers to mental health investment and strategies to demonstrate the ROI of mental health initiatives.

This event is pivotal for leaders aiming to implement effective mental health and wellbeing initiatives and for anyone interested in the future of leadership in mental health.

Free to register; we hope you can join us.